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The Liverpool Sound - Liverpool's number one TV music show featuring local live bands in performance, along with some light-hearted, informal chat.

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The next time you can catch "The Liverpool Sound" on Made In Liverpool is…

  • 1:30 am, Friday 22nd September - The Liverpool Sound (Episode 48).
  • 2:30 am, Saturday 23rd September - The Liverpool Sound (Episode 48).
  • 4:00 am, Sunday 24th September - The Liverpool Sound (Episode 48).

The Liverpool Sound draws upon an eclectic mix of local musicians and performers. Each hour long show, recorded in the Made in Liverpool Studios, features a heady mix of styles and genres of the best of regional musical talent. As well as their performances, artists have an informal chat about their sound.

Whether it be solo performers to bands and larger ensembles, The Liverpool Sound ethos is to represent the latest breathtaking and diverse musical talent across the region.